Hopper loaders

Like all components of our PLASTICOLOR system, our hopper loaders feature a modular design. They are available for different output ranges, are suitable for long conveying distances and are characterised by a robust design, simple assembly, easy handling and high operational safety. Thanks to demand-driven configuration and component selection, these devices are capable of clean, energy-efficient operation with low noise emissions.


ISP series – granulates/regrinds up to 120 kg/h (single-phase)
ITP series – granulates/regrinds up to 3,000 kg/h (three-phase)
IPL series – granulates/regrinds/powder up to 2,400 kg/h (three-phase)
Compact Venturi Conveyor IVL 01 – granules up to 130 kg/h

Fields of application

Our hopper loaders (vacuum conveyors) can be used to automatically convey free-flowing materials such as plastic granulate, grit, agglomerate, flakes and plastic powder (e.g. PVC Dry Blend for profile and pipe production). Our equipment is used in the plastic and food industries, the manufacture of animal feed and the chemicals and environmental sectors. In addition, our hopper loaders can be easily adapted to new tasks.

Practical benefits

  • Robust, high-quality construction (stainless steel container)
  • High performance due to powerful vacuum
  • Microprocessor control
  • Automatic (pulse) filter cleaning
  • Programmable suction time via three-character display
  • Alarm if filling is not carried out
  • Stop triggered if material is missing
  • Low noise emissions


For our hopper loaders we offer optional accessories such as suction valves, safety filters, etc. See our hopper loader brochure

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