Dosing stations

In WOYWOD dosing stations, all components are conveyed from the machine feeder (e.g. main hopper, hopper loader, magnetic separator). Our dosing stations are designed for use with processing machines that have a highly constant throughput. They are suitable for multicomponent dosing (e.g. catalyst/paint) and multiple colour changes.

Operating principle

Just like in our individual units, the main material flows freely into the screw of the extruder or injection moulding machine. All additive components are dosed into the main material flow. The speeds of the dosing screws are synchronised with the speed of the processing machine. In the production machine, the materials are mixed very evenly, while the short distance between dosing and processing prevents separation.

Practical benefits

  • Custom compositions are possible
  • Dosing of secondary components directly via the machine feeder
  • Prevention of separation


Our dosing stations achieve maximum accuracy thanks to precise control via our PDC-series modular controls or PPM control systems.

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