The new magnetic separator

09.11.2020 Woywod Inside

In order to be able to offer our customers the best quality as always, we at WOYWOD have developed our own range of ferromagnetic metal separators.

High-quality housing and perfect material flow
The high-quality stainless-steel housing is insensitive to corrosion and also offers very easy visual control thanks to the large sight glass. The housing geometry was shaped by our decades of experience in the plastics processing industry and thus guarantees a perfect material flow.

Easy cleaning and quickly back to action
The separator can be cleaned very easily. Simply pull out the magnetic cassette and, without risk, pull the magnets out of the stripping sleeves outside the system. The metallic foreign objects are caught on the scraper rings when the magnets are pulled out and simply fall down. The separator is immediately ready for use again.

Thanks to all these advantages, WOYWOD offers you reliable and safe protection for your production machine!
We offer the magnetic separator in three different sizes so that a suitable model is available for every production line. All models are suitable for granules and free-flowing powders.
The magnetic separator can be installed between the intake of the processing machine and the machine hopper or on the existing dosing system.