NEW, INNOVATIVE, OPTIMIZED - dosing unit PC 3500

31.03.2021 Woywod Inside

With the PC 3500 dosing device, WOYWOD offers the ideal solution for dosing on all production machines.

In just a few weeks, the PLASTICOLOR 3500 series will completely replace the PLASTICOLOR 3200 series.

The series is designed for the processing of granules, PVC dry blend, regrind, agglomerate and masterbatch.

The further developed series scores with numerous innovations and advantages:

• improved material flow
• Fast and almost residue-free emptying
• Dust-free environment thanks to improved sealing
• Easy exchange of motors between different dosing units
• New improved screw / cylinder combinations/sizes
• Optional neck piece slide ensures no contamination of the material mix when changing recipes & improves functionality in quantity test
• Optional EASY TEST container simplifies quantity checks / sampling & prevents contamination in the vicinity of the extruder during operation