Drying systems

Efficient drying of plastic materials to ensure an optimum residual moisture content is crucial for the production of high-quality products. The WOYWOD product range includes mobile compact dryers and central drying systems, as well as crystallisation systems for the conversion of amorphous material into semi-crystalline PET. All drying hoppers are completely insulated and equipped with an inspection glass. Larger hoppers are equipped with a cleaning door to ensure optimum accessibility.


DDT dry air systems
These systems are based on the absorption principle, i.e. closed-loop heating and dehumidification by means of a chamber containing a drying agent. They operate independently of the ambient conditions and can optionally be supplied with an IPC and a bus interface. All DDT systems are individually planned and tailored to the respective application.

IHT hot-air systems
These dryers make use of the surrounding air. The drying results therefore depend on the environmental conditions (relative air humidity and temperature). Hot-air systems are primarily used for pre-heating or drying of non-hygroscopic materials.

Practical benefits

  • Wide range of possible combinations
  • Completely insulated drying hopper
  • Increased energy efficiency (up to 40% energy savings)
  • Modular design
  • Easy operation

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